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car enthusiast – preferably sixties and seventies..
classic car restauration
classic car collector
historic car racing
historic ice racing
youtube; gintonicmunich
instagram; gintonicmunich

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Todays ride…or a special car someone let you drive in the past ?

How about a pic of a car you like(d) very much - or a special car your friend/neigbour/relative let you drive in the past and you think about it from time to time... Maybe not worth to open a thread but is the space for it. Its not [...]

Cuban Time capsule (vol.2)

Finally, found my cuban car pics from 2015, taken in Varadero, Cardenas, Havanna and Cajo Largo. Phew...403 pics from my two month stay ....have to make a selection or lets say...there would be material for a Volume 3 and 4 😉😎 cheers - blue [...]

Filter-Fun – classic cars 🚗

Couple Run Vol. 1 – a 928 and my 323RS

My swiss friend owns some nice classics so every time I am near zuerich we meet and shoot some, I am flat floor with backpain...still want to use the time for your classic car „enlightment“ That little beamer was kind of compensa[...]

Le Mans Classic Live Stream 2018 – second day – from 9.45am

Le Mans Classic Live Stream – today from 9.45am

Alpinchen…a e36 318ti compact for

As some of you know...I left the Nuerburgring racing circus in 2011 and replaced the thrill with car racing on ice/snow mostly in Austria. With a swiss and german friend we participate there the 6h endurance race with youngtimer cars (- year 199[...]

Mr. Dodge – part 6 – Roadtrip to Croatia – 2463km in 19 days (2018)

maybe...just enjoy the pics 😜 Starnberg - Bled (slovenia) Bled - Zadar (croatia) Zadar - orebic (half island near Dubrovnik) Orebic - Krk (croatian island) Krk - Ptuj, Slovenia (oldest city of Slovenia) Slovenia - Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna Vi[...]

Mr. dodge – part 4 (2015)

So...the van proved to be reliable and next rework was in plan. Ricola wanted to have a decent sleeping place and the space from the sliding door open to rear doors was just wide enough. Thanks to the maxivan version we had - 1,90 to 1,70 - prob[...]

Mr. Dodge – Part 3 – (2014)

transfer from switzerland to bavaria and – ricola wants to sicely the transfer from switzerland to my shop in bavaria went least most of it. Around buxheim a popping noice anounced problems. the doghouse above the engine did not[...]
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