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car enthusiast – preferably sixties and seventies..
classic car restauration
classic car collector
historic car racing
historic ice racing
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Classic Car Auktion – – in Salzburg 1. Dez

Wolfgang hat wieder interessante Autos am Start. der Fahrzeug Katalog ist online einzusehen unter dorotheum. com gt winkt

Just one more car – I promise ☺️whats on your classic automobil bucket list ?

upcoming November is a dangerous month for automobile lovers. The sunshine gets low and we tend to watch out for an incentive. That year was moving so fast...we all made it so far still alive💃 to daydream about new projects !? In t[...]

The Road to Monterey

cool vid about a man and his passion for racing porsche 356

Luftgekuhlt in München – 16. sept 18 If someone takes me on his passenger more luftgekuhlt in stock cheers

The best from yesterday, today and tomorrow (german)

Parallel zur Art Basel versucht man mit 6 ausgewählten Kuratoren DIE Automobilveranstaltung zu gestalten. Die veranstaltung ist übernächstes Wochenende von 7-9. sept. in Basel Das Beste von gestern, heute und morgen[...]

A 1968 Ford Mustang and my race-buddy „fast eddy“..

Eddy takes care for spine problems as a doctor and has a huge rusty nail in his head also. Last week he attended a photographer seminar with Leica and the models were a 68 mustang fastback and a modern 911. He send me some pics and I would like[...]

Todays ride…or a special car someone let you drive in the past ?

How about a pic of a car you like(d) very much - or a special car your friend/neigbour/relative let you drive in the past and you think about it from time to time... Maybe not worth to open a thread but is the space for it. Its not [...]

Cuban Time capsule (vol.2)

Finally, found my cuban car pics from 2015, taken in Varadero, Cardenas, Havanna and Cajo Largo. Phew...403 pics from my two month stay ....have to make a selection or lets say...there would be material for a Volume 3 and 4 😉😎 cheers - blue [...]

Filter-Fun – classic cars 🚗

Couple Run Vol. 1 – a 928 and my 323RS

My swiss friend owns some nice classics so every time I am near zuerich we meet and shoot some, I am flat floor with backpain...still want to use the time for your classic car „enlightment“ That little beamer was kind of compensa[...]
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