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A life long love affair with Alfa Romeo and Porsche.

It’s impossible …

... to not like an Italian musician in a sky blue Giulietta.

Ferrari Dino 308GT4

This guy, Robbert Alblas, has an incredible feeling for pictures, colours and cars. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do:

Wedge of Wonder

A genuine 80ies super car, once playing in one league with Porsche and Ferrari.

1973 911 Restoration Project

Car Porn that I could continue to watch forever.

Nürburgring 1967

6,5 exciting minutes about the most fascinating and dangerous period in the history of motor racing. Enjoy in your next coffee break!

Nigeria Classic Cars

Though I admit that I like my cars in mint condition, I much appreciate this way of dealing with the topic.

The Kitchen Sink Porsche (German with English subtitles)

The 911 of the Eighties

Porsche 911 Targa von 1976: Eichengrün und Kork

Alfa Romeo GT “Bertone” Faggio & Quadrifoglio

Die Geschichte eines durch und durch bemerkenswerten Bertone.