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I enjoy modeling, flying and collecting odd cars. My current lineup is 1974 Datsun 260Z, 1975 AMC Hornet (The oddball of the group!), 1977 FIAT X 1/9, 1978 MG Midget, 1984 Toyota diesel Corrolla (daily driver), 1985 GTV6, a pair of Alfa 164s and a 2005 Mazda RX8 which needs a motor.

’75 Hornet – A Grille Update

Summer's here and I've been away from my bench getting some automotive projects done. Finally had the slushbox on my '75 Hornet rebuilt so I tackled something that always bothered me. The grille from the 75 and later cars. The 73/74 units look m[...]

1985 Alfa GTV6

Hello all. Johannes hijacked me from over on iModeler with this site about one of my other interests! I thought I'd share my favorite car in my collection as a first post. My involvement in Alfas is a complete accident (literally) and owner[...]