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Ex, Rover, Porsche AG & BMW group.
Behind the scenes of Porsche design, Porsche 80’s motorsport & BMW

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A short film on Youtube of me driving the BMW Just 4/2 show car I designed in 1995….

In 1994/5 I designed the BMW Just 4/2 and a year later we had the car on display at the 1995 Tokyo Motorshow. I came across this film of me driving this great 'fun car' around Munich on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYa2xq2u9U8 He[...]

1750 hp in a car!?… Paul Jamesons Merlin engined beast from 1976…. and a very near crash!

In the 1975 issue of the British car magazine ‘Motor’ I came across an story about the late Paul Jameson. He was known at the time for crossing Europe at highly illegal speeds in a 12 cylinder, tank engined car with a Rolls Royce grill. I remem[...]

1987: Porsche 962c. Behind the scenes look at designing the Iconic Shell / Dunlop Livery

The Porsche 962 livery design: For those who follow Motorsport we always tend to relate the livery design and sponsors names to the car especially those of cigarette and beer companies. Before the days of sponsorship it was simpler we [...]

BNC. Bollack, Netter et Cie, a french manufacture from around 1930.

I like this B/W picture taken of this lesser known French car caught at a local Rally...

Munich, German Museum, Auto-Union–Type C. 1936

The German Museum house a wide variety of exhibits and includes trains, buses, cars and practically everything related to transport. One of the stars of the show is the Auto Union racing car, Type C from 1936. Due to the position of the car a[...]

Jesse Alexander: Photographer. Great short film!

I have just written a few words about Jesse Alexander in BLACK and WHITE Photography. I originally met him in Paris in 1995. This is a link to a small film he made about the beginnings of his photographic life. It really is worth watching!! ht[...]

My first Porsche 911

The Porsche development centre in Weissach had already been my home ( certainly felt more like it than my flat ) for over 6 years. Weissach was an incredible place in the 1980’s. It was still relatively small with only around 1,500 employees a[...]

Part 4. The 1970’s. 1750 hp Spitfire Engined Merlin car. First London Hot Rod Cruise. Royal College of Art Car Design Projects: Merlin & Mono.

The final year at the school meant working towards the diploma show in the summer. Two projects had to be handled in depth and at least one had to be presented as a finished, painted scale model. What the project was depended on your own decisio[...]

Louwman Museum. Over 200 cars on display at this stunning museum.

On a recent trip to Holland I found myself driving by this red bricked building near the Hague. A 'google it' and I realised it was Hollands National Automobile Museum. A quick turn around, easy entry and parking in the underground car park and[...]

Part 3. The 1970’s. Design stories from British Leyland. Triumph Stag. My Mini Van.

Summer break 1975. Six weeks placement work at the round house in Longbridge was to be a further light hearted introduction into the British car design world. Maybe some of the staff already felt the demise of the UK car industry was in sight a[...]
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