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BMW 323i – The Final Shark

And here goes the English version.

BMW 323i, der letzte Hai

Carrera Rundgang

Autowerbung aus den 80ern – Deutschland

Ein Fest für alle, die in den 80ern in der BRD aufgewachsen sind.

M5 Engine in a 2002

An epic project: a guy who built a V8 from a 2001 M5 into a 02 chassis.

A short film on Youtube of me driving the BMW Just 4/2 show car I designed in 1995….

In 1994/5 I designed the BMW Just 4/2 and a year later we had the car on display at the 1995 Tokyo Motorshow. I came across this film of me driving this great 'fun car' around Munich on Youtube. He[...]

The Greatest Car Brand of All Times?

Guys, I'm a member of the GrandRetro team, mainly dealing with marketing and growth of the site. I'm not very much into cars, frankly at this time I don't even own one. Nevertheless I'm following GrandRetro closely and I'm aware about all of you[...]

Porsche Re-releases a 993 Turbo S

It was only a question of time till Porsche would join the league of Jaguar and Aston Martin and re-release a classic car. It eventually took place and their choice was the 993 Turbo S. The car was built around a surviving body shell using offic[...]

Porsche 924

Mercedes von Karmann, BMW aus Steyr, Opel aus Mailand, Porsche aus Finnland, eine praktisch identische Rohkarosserie bei einem VW und einem Porsche-Geländewagen? All das war nie und ist auch heute kein Problem, sondern absolut gängige Praxis in [...]

Orange 911S from 1975, Hold Me Back

Guys, I have signed-up to the mailing list of the Dutch import company who have some focus on 911's. I cannot say much about the quality and skill of this company, but their recent newsletter chills me to the bone. Please hold m[...]