Grand Retro Car Stories

Lessons I learnt from my first car: Ferdi the VW Beetle (Part II)

Lesson number six: Windscreen wipers. Summers in Johannesburg are known for their regular afternoon thunderstorms. Whilst the mornings are blue skied and sunny, and middays are swelteringly hot, a black horizon of impending Armageddon develops i[...]

Lessons I learnt from my first car: Ferdi the VW Beetle (Part I)

Back in the eighties, living in the outskirts of Johannesburg meant having to rely heavily on one’s parents for transport. Once I had turned 18 I was thus rather eager to get my long awaited driver’s license: my first step to freedom and the beg[...]

Alfasud – wie konnte es so weit kommen?

Alec Issigonis hatte ab 1959 mit Quermotor und darunter liegendem Getriebe einen Geniestreich von einem Auto konstruiert, das die komplette Antriebstechnik im vorderen Bereich konzentrierte und den Rest den Passagieren überließ: den Mini. Franz[...]

Terry’s 911

This 911 was sold to its first owner in summer 1976 in Lebanon, New Jersey. In late summer the owner Terry decided to have an air conditioning installed and the fact that next time it was serviced in early May 77, with only four miles later, mak[...]

1985 Alfa GTV6

Hello all. Johannes hijacked me from over on iModeler with this site about one of my other interests! I thought I'd share my favorite car in my collection as a first post. My involvement in Alfas is a complete accident (literally) and owner[...]

A Reasonably Priced Bond Car

Buying a silver DB5 today requires a fair amount of self-awareness. The Aston Martin has become iconic to such an extent that the driver's body mass index may not diverge from Sean Connery's in any significant way. Paying at least 500 grand and [...]

Der große Unbekannte

“Nach dem 2.7er Modell des 911 erschien 1978 der SC. Der SC war das Modell für die wenigen Gusseisernen, die noch nicht von ihrem geliebten Luftgekühlten lassen konnten, obwohl Porsche doch bereits die Zukunft in Form des 928 mit wassergekühltem[...]

Simca 1000 – Boxiness galore!

Whenever someone mentions Simca, my mind instantly turns to this - the chunky, squat, bullish shape of the Simca 1000. This by no means to diminish the overall track record of this venerable French automaker, which includes cars like the aerody[...]

Ferrari 250 LM

Die Schönheit der Sportwagen der Sechzigerjahre liegt in der Straßen- und damit Volksnähe ihrer Formen. Bereits in den Siebzigern brachte die zunehmende Hinwendung zur Aerodynamik zunächst Zigarren mit Flügeln hervor. In den Jahren danach sagte [...]