Grand Retro Events

Small retro ;) Schwarzwald moped marathon

Remember when you were young and had a 50ccm motorcycle only ?

Autowelt In Rohrschach – Switzerland – Lista Collection

A friend from the Porsche community elferteam called for a meet. yesterday About 30 gathered to view the examples. Loads of racecars also the most iconic classic cars all together on one place. Would I live there more close I would pay to work a[...]

slowly sideways – historic ice trophy 2019 (vol.3)

gone ice racing with friends is fun. Before i write about it more in detail here some video clips; First onboard NSU TT - view Opel Caravan driver; Andreas camera; gintonic Second Onboard Opel caravan - one lap race track driver gintonic [...]

Historic ice trophy – Altenmarkt, Zauchensee, Austria 14th to

Every year again. The race. 4hours oldtimer and 6h Oldtimer -1984 and Youngtimer - 1994 - some pics to make you hungry for winterfun with classic cars. You leave your classic in storage for winter? Its your own fault 😜 If y[...]

Classic Car Auktion – – in Salzburg 1. Dez

Wolfgang hat wieder interessante Autos am Start. der Fahrzeug Katalog ist online einzusehen unter dorotheum. com gt winkt

Luftgekühlt München

Great, great show today. Loved every second.


Die Chiemgau Classic ist eine Oldtimer Rallye. Start berechtigt sind historische Fahrzeuge bis zum Jahr 1988, die eine gültige Zulassung zum öffentlichen straßenverkehr respektive ein rotes Sammlerkennzeichen(07er) besitzen sowie uneingeschränkt[...]

Luftgekuhlt in München – 16. sept 18

If someone takes me on his passenger more luftgekuhlt in stock cheers

The best from yesterday, today and tomorrow (german)

Parallel zur Art Basel versucht man mit 6 ausgewählten Kuratoren DIE Automobilveranstaltung zu gestalten. Die veranstaltung ist übernächstes Wochenende von 7-9. sept. in Basel Das Beste von gestern, heute und morgen enjoy

Sharing the passion

People own classic cars for various reasons. To collect, to maintain, to drive and enjoy and some for monetary reasons (speculation). I personally enjoy the driving before any of the other reasons. Moving to a new habitat is about relocation a[...]