Grand Retro Places

Merry Christmas to the Grand Retro Makers and Fans

look forward to a smashing grand retro 2019 with meets, beers and fun. Enjoy your old metal and find friends who feel the same ! cheers today from Switzerland Alex PS: with 1000 karma points you get a free ride in an old car in South of Ba[...]

A Tour of E&R-Classics, The Netherlands

When you’re approaching to E&R’s facilities that are located right next to the motorway in the Durch city of Waalwijk, you feel reminded of a current BMW or Audi dealer. If there’s something like the contrary of oily fingers and a gearbox on[...]

Der Furkapass, eine Einladung

Am 17. September 1964 steigt in London die Premiere von Goldfinger, in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland kommt der Film am 26. Januar 1965 in die Kinos. Shirley Bassey lässt mit einzigartig komplex schwirrender Stimme den Bond Song der Bond Songs e[...]

The Porsche Museum

During the opening hours, it's not all that easy to take good pictures in car museums. But of course it can be done.

Engines At The Porsche Museum

Pictures I took with my Canon SLR in March 2014 at the Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen. Enjoy!

The classic car scene in mainland China

I've been living in China for the last seven years and I'd like to tell you about the classic car scene here - frankly there isn't one! There are at least three reasons for this situation. First, private car ownership is relatively new, not s[...]

The Pig (as it is allegedly called)

Spotted today at the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, this beautiful Austin Healy immediately attracted my attention.

..the end of the year with current projects

it was a lot of work and a lot of problems along the way to setup new unit ... I hope that I left everything behind me and the new year will bring much more happiness and interesting projects . Again i wish all the best for all members

CLA ltd – new premises renovation progress – 2016-2017

Hi Just to want say hello everyone and say something more about me and Classic Legends Automotive As for most of you cars were and have been my passion for years even before I opened the company, I spend all my days working with them before aft[...]