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Sharing the passion

People own classic cars for various reasons. To collect, to maintain, to drive and enjoy and some for monetary reasons (speculation). I personally enjoy the driving before any of the other reasons. Moving to a new habitat is about relocation [...]

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BMW m30 3.5 Engine Detailing

Clean engine bay look stunning so i offer for all my customers chance to make engine detailed and fit back as should .clean and fresh as new again..I love see transformation before and after from old dirty , grisy block to this form

cheers from starnberger see…old cars in b/w

more cars to come soon. Thanks to Jo for invitation.

Three Ways to Make Your Vintage Car Pics Stand Out

1. Choose an interesting angle. Instead of holding your camera at eye level, why not choose a different perspective? Cower down for example to make your car look a lot more impressive. Choose a tight image section to really bring attention to [...]

Why Use Grand Retro? Part 2: The Classic-Car Magazine

Grand Retro is a classic car magazine which is created entirely by the Grand Retro Users. Take it with you on your sofa on a Sunday afternoon or read it while you go to work. Unlike a print magazine you can discuss the articles online and get [...]

Why Use Grand Retro? Part 1: The Value of Your Car

How much is the price difference between a well documented car that comes with a ring binder filled with invoices, with photos and a complete record of ownership, if you compare it to its counterpart which is ... just a car? Does it add up to 20[...]

Fiat in Stockholm

According to my notes i must have stumbled upon this white little pearl in July, 2009. As you may see from the photos it was a sunny day and the bright paint shone like a sugar cube and attracted me like such, as a bee to a flower´s sweet nectar[...]

The Gurney Weslake Eagle – The Most Beautiful Grand Prix Car Ever?

Daniel Sexton Gurney was a successful race driver and with Enzo Ferrari and Bruce McLaren he has in common that he founded his own race team while his career as a motor sportsman was still ongoing. One week after winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans[...]

It Is Extremely Dangerous

... to fall in love with things that rust. But hey, the ways of love are strange in deed.