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My first Air Cooled 911 Porsche

A long, long time ago I got my first taste of a Air Cooled Porsche 1972 911T. I think at the time the 911T was like the base model. Nothing special no Fuch's but Cookie cutters wheels instead. Geez I don't even remember if it was a 4 or 5 speed [...]

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’65 911 Restoration: Body Work

After careful consideration I came to the conclusion that from all the possible methods of paint removing, good old sandblasting is it. There are few things in life that look as delicious as a freshly sandblasted body. Welding in this case was l[...]

Grand Retro presents: Barn-find GTV by Jethro Bronner

Couple Run Vol. 1 – a 928 and my 323RS

My swiss friend owns some nice classics so every time I am near zuerich we meet and shoot some, I am flat floor with backpain...still want to use the time for your classic car „enlightment“ That little beamer was kind of compensa[...]

’65 911 Restoration: Pictures of Doom

Before we let this thing rise in glory, let's face it: after 50 years without reasonable care, an old car can be a miserable thing to look at.

Go Checking For Corrosion Under Your Oil Pipes. Do It Now.

I’ll bet you there is no corrosion on my 911. That’s me two weeks ago. In fact there was. It was not serious, but it would have become, if I hadn’t found and fixed it this or next year. We all know that when it comes to rust, at the original [...]

Beckenbauer, Help! And A Beauty Named 911

In 1965, Franz Beckenbauer made his first game for the Mannschaft, the Beatles released their album Help! and it was the last year that you could buy a 911 in the original trim. When I say "original", I'm not talking about F-Models in general, I[...]

’75 Hornet – A Grille Update

Summer's here and I've been away from my bench getting some automotive projects done. Finally had the slushbox on my '75 Hornet rebuilt so I tackled something that always bothered me. The grille from the 75 and later cars. The 73/74 units look m[...]


After a long time, today the car was painted with the customer's favourite choice. To me it looks great! So cool, so sexy... Now it's time for the rolling cage, the engine, and the suspension!