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Cuban time capsule – Cars in Havana

If you want to take a step back into automotive time, go to Cuba. Havana itself is beautiful and exotic with its brightly colored if rather battered-looking buildings and milling streets. But there is nothing quite as beautiful as seeing a line[...]

My BMW E9 in Inka Orange

When I first embarked on on the restoration, values were low and I decided to make a number alterations, purely for my own preference, not intending to sell and having no idea just how much values would increase. When I took the body apart to re[...]

Le Mans Classic Live Stream 2018 – second day – from 9.45am

Le Mans Classic Live Stream – today from 9.45am

Alpinchen…a e36 318ti compact for

As some of you know...I left the Nuerburgring racing circus in 2011 and replaced the thrill with car racing on ice/snow mostly in Austria. With a swiss and german friend we participate there the 6h endurance race with youngtimer cars (- year 199[...]

Change of mufflers

It drove me nuts for a while already, that, after hitting numerous speed ramps etc. with my mufflers, these were starting producing shattering noises. Last week, the shipping from SNG in England arrived and I had the mufflers changed at the wor[...]

911 G-Model Maintenance Special

If it's your injection system that needs some attention or time for a valve adjustment, a repair of the steering wheel or doors that leak water, find the answer for this and many other maintenance challenges of your 911 G-Model on Grand Retro. Y[...]

Hamburg to Munich in the Porsche 911S, 2.7

Hamburg? Yes, it’s pretty cool. They have a harbor there and the Reeperbahn where you can do stuff. The cranes in the harbor look nice, especially when seen from the luxurious architectural apartments of Hafenviertel; the habitat of Hamburg’[...]

Mr. Dodge – part 6 – Roadtrip to Croatia – 2463km in 19 days (2018)

maybe...just enjoy the pics 😜 Starnberg - Bled (slovenia) Bled - Zadar (croatia) Zadar - orebic (half island near Dubrovnik) Orebic - Krk (croatian island) Krk - Ptuj, Slovenia (oldest city of Slovenia) Slovenia - Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna Vi[...]

2002 Targa-Baur cd1

This specific model was my very early first 02 and was beginning of Story - Son and Dad project Nice to see when same cars coming back in pieces and living workshop in road worthy stage This Fjord blau baby ,have been now painted and [...]