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Mr. Dodge – Part 3 – (2014)

transfer from switzerland to bavaria and – ricola wants to sicely the transfer from switzerland to my shop in bavaria went least most of it. Around buxheim a popping noice anounced problems. the doghouse above the engine did not[...]

Mr. Dodge – Part 2 – (2013) – get it ready to rumble

Will we get the dodge ? No number plate and a huge community about 15 minutes south of zuerich. How about i ring all the bells and ask for the owner ? you are not in germany…we dont do this here responded my girlfriend. Hmmm…how about flood the[...]

Mister Dodge – part 1 – a 1974 b300 royal sportsman maxivan (2012)

sounds a bit like a big mac ? In the porsche elferteam community already a celebrity because the history of that specific van has 75.000 hits. In a porsche forum ? - a van ??? chapter one - what van ? That story started six years[...]