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Ferrari Testarossa (80ies)

Another one of Robbert's YouTube master pieces. We find that after 35 years the 80ies Testarossa, eventually is getting somewhere as a classic. For too long Pininfarina's side strakes have been copied by plastic part tuners, but slowly the orig[...]

Ferrari Dino 308GT4

This guy, Robbert Alblas, has an incredible feeling for pictures, colours and cars. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do:

Retro Classics 2018: Ferrari 308

Two cars, a GTS and a GTB, for 79 and 78 grand. You can start dreaming now and the Grand Retro team thinks that these models still have room for price increase which makes them worth a thought for level-headed dreamers.

Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari, la storia infinita. (English version below) Sei anche tu uno di quelli che, per modo di dire, sono infastiditi da ciò che Ferrari è oggi? Miliardari in cerca del ventitreesimo giocattolo per il proprio garage, banchieri alla disperata[...]