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Driving home from christmas holiday

cheers (pics stolen at thespeedhunters instagram)

Ferrari Testarossa (80ies)

Another one of Robbert's YouTube master pieces. We find that after 35 years the 80ies Testarossa, eventually is getting somewhere as a classic. For too long Pininfarina's side strakes have been copied by plastic part tuners, but slowly the orig[...]

Ferrari Dino 308GT4

This guy, Robbert Alblas, has an incredible feeling for pictures, colours and cars. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do:

Retro Classics 2018: Ferrari 308

Two cars, a GTS and a GTB, for 79 and 78 grand. You can start dreaming now and the Grand Retro team thinks that these models still have room for price increase which makes them worth a thought for level-headed dreamers.

Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari, la storia infinita. (English version below) Sei anche tu uno di quelli che, per modo di dire, sono infastiditi da ciò che Ferrari è oggi? Miliardari in cerca del ventitreesimo giocattolo per il proprio garage, banchieri alla disperata[...]