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911 G-Model Maintenance Special

If it's your injection system that needs some attention or time for a valve adjustment, a repair of the steering wheel or doors that leak water, find the answer for this and many other maintenance challenges of your 911 G-Model on Grand Retro. Y[...]

Fensterheber im 911 G-Modell

(English version below) Hier kommt mein über zwei Wochen Fehlersuche zusammen getragenes Wissen zu den Fensterhebern im 911 G-Modell. Mein "Model" ist ein 3.2 Carrera von 1987. Die Wippen in der Tür schalten direkt den Strom für den Hebermotor,[...]

Terry’s 911 Goes Back to Europe

If a car from the seventies manages to survive for more than 40 years, there is a reason for that. It's just not happening without one or more circumstances that are specifically extraordinary. Taking it from here: Terry's 911 survived because [...]