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Meeting an old Friend

Lovely video about a guy reunited with the GT he sold 20 years back.

Alfa Romeo GT “Bertone” Faggio & Quadrifoglio

Die Geschichte eines durch und durch bemerkenswerten Bertone.

Maintenance of my MGB GT in Winter 17/18

My MGB GT performed very nicely last summer which made it a relaxed winter in terms of maintenance and repair. In particular, I replaced - the spark plugs, like every winter - the rubber head light sealings which costed 12 Euros a pair - the rea[...]

Make One Dream Come True, You Only Live Twice

For a moment, let’s put aside the 2000 GT’s disputed history and its iconicity for the rise of the Japanese motor industry. Let’s also ignore the words James and Bond for a minute. And let’s just face it: the beauty of this car is staggering. Th[...]