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Sharing the passion

People own classic cars for various reasons. To collect, to maintain, to drive and enjoy and some for monetary reasons (speculation). I personally enjoy the driving before any of the other reasons. Moving to a new habitat is about relocation a[...]

Leben, leiden und lieben mit der “Katze”

Der eine oder andere mag sich schon gefragt haben, wie es so mit einem Jaguar E-Type ist? Die fragenden Blicke an der Tankstelle oder vor dem Cafe schwanken zwischen "oh schau mal, ist der schön" bis zu "was der wohl säuft und wahrscheinlich ste[...]

E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 4

Final assembly of our opalescent silver blue 2+2 coupé: some workshop snap shots in magic Sixties black & white for you to enjoy. The strain to get it finished before spring is gradually replaced by anticipation ...

E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 3

Taking it from At a a restoration project like this we touch every single bit down to the nuts and bolts. And that's where the fun is. The effort is enormous and so is the beauty of the result.

E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 2

When you're doing a full body restoration, you always have to decide between maintaining as much of the original bodywork as possible with punctual repairs or replacing entire panels following the original part break down. In this project we ha[...]

E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 1

This is the story of our E-Type 2+2 Coupé which we bought in the US and which is being restored in our workshop in Hamburg. We'll be getting down to the nuts and bolts with this one. The entire restoration project will be published here on Grand[...]

Jaguar E-Type, Serie 1.5 Komplettrestauration

Es gibt viel über den E-Type zu sagen und wir werden uns im Lauf der nächsten Wochen ausführlich mit ihm beschäftigen, unter anderem mit Restaurationsblogs eines Serie 1 OTS und eines Serie 2+2 Coupés. Für den Moment nur ein paar Bilder von ein[...]