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E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 2

When you're doing a full body restoration, you always have to decide between maintaining as much of the original bodywork as possible with punctual repairs or replacing entire panels following the original part break down. In this project we ha[...]

E-Type Series 2 Coupé 2+2, Part 1

This is the story of our E-Type 2+2 Coupé which we bought in the US and which is being restored in our workshop in Hamburg. We'll be getting down to the nuts and bolts with this one. The entire restoration project will be published here on Grand[...]

Bringing a BMW 3.0 CSL Back Into Life, Pt. II

Cars of the Sixties, you know. Silent sigh. Even the manufacturers of premium cars failed to take care about the most basic means of corrosion protection and BMW is no exception. Our CSL received an over-all sand blasting and to me nothing come[...]