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Three Ways to Make Your Vintage Car Pics Stand Out

1. Choose an interesting angle. Instead of holding your camera at eye level, why not choose a different perspective? Cower down for example to make your car look a lot more impressive. Choose a tight image section to really bring attention to [...]

VW SP2 do Brasil

Speed, luxury, refinement, so hat man in den 1970er Jahren den Sportwagen VW SP2 in Brasilien beworben… das mit 65 PS! Für ein Sportcoupé erheblich zu wenig bei solch flotten Werbeslogans do Brasil. Da sagten die Brasilianer zu Recht, das SP ste[...]

In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either

If thinking about the next classic car to own is as much a delight for you as it is for us, enjoy reading this month’s selection of 40 year old cars for sale costing about 15 grand Euro. And remember: in the bank your money is not safe either. [...]

In The Bank It’s Not Safe Either

This is a new series on Grand Retro: a number of rather affordable cars that you can purchase for about 10 grand Euros. On a monthly base we will scan the markets, select cars we like and present them to you. Note: we have not evaluated these c[...]

Not a Single Bug Since 40 Years

40 years ago the final Volkswagen Käfer was built. (Built in Germany, we‘re neglecting Mexican bugs here.) It’s true that it was a cleverly designed little car and it had its advantages, but that is true for so many others. The reason that made [...]

Lessons I learnt from my first car: Ferdi the VW Beetle (Part II)

Lesson number six: Windscreen wipers. Summers in Johannesburg are known for their regular afternoon thunderstorms. Whilst the mornings are blue skied and sunny, and middays are swelteringly hot, a black horizon of impending Armageddon develops i[...]

Lessons I learnt from my first car: Ferdi the VW Beetle (Part I)

Back in the eighties, living in the outskirts of Johannesburg meant having to rely heavily on one’s parents for transport. Once I had turned 18 I was thus rather eager to get my long awaited driver’s license: my first step to freedom and the beg[...]